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  • If you are planning a party at your own private location, please make sure you are aware of all the different things you are responsible for, being the host.  Visit sites such as which is hosted by the LCBO and provides tons of information on how to host a party responsibly.  There is a lot to consider when hosting a party such as special occasion permits, parking arrangements, to even choosing a designated driver for all your guests.  This site also includes decorating ideas specific to your location, as well as, food and beverage options.


    Another good site is which gives you a clear listing of all the different liabilities that you should be aware of before hosting your own party.  If you feel you want a caterer to do a lot of the planning for you, then check out different catering websites.  They will tell you what they are and are not responsible for and how they can help you with other items, than just the food, such as licensing and providing staff to serve at your event. A good caterer with a great reputation can really alleviate a lot of the stress of planning a home party with their knowledge and years of expertise in this industry.


    The party scene is definitely changing.  Home events such as backyard BBQ’s and cocktail parties are even being planned for weddings instead of traditional full receptions.  There is always a good reason to host an event at your home from a birthday party to a neighbourhood get-to-know-you party.  The many benefits of home entertaining include the comfort of known surroundings, a more personal style of decorating and your complete control over the party timeline.  A responsibly planned event means a relaxed event, which in turn, means an enjoyable event for both you as the host and your guests.  Isn’t that what it’s all about? Happy times with family and friends J

  • If you are interested in having a big birthday party for your son or daughter, why not plan a party with a theme that incorporates the decorations, as well as, the food.

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    The trend we are seeing is that teens are planning their own birthday parties.  If mom & dad give them a budget to stay within, they are selecting their own menus, guest lists and taking on all the decorating responsibilities.  This seems to be a real win-win for both parent and teenager.  The teenager gets to plan their own party, invite who they want and the parent gets to just sign the cheque and avoid the headache of planning their teen’s party.  Turning 16 or 18 are still a pretty big deal in most kids’ eyes.  Some potential themes could be an Instagram Party  with a photo booth to capture all those great memories.  Maybe a Movie Theatre Birthday Party that includes a Candy Bar with all their favourites such as popcorn, gummies and chips to name a few.  Or why not go for an Amazing Race Party.  Your guests could visit different parts of the world through your selection of music and food.  Include a Pizza Square Bar for your tour of Italy or a Nacho Bar for the tastes of Mexico.

    For the younger kids, the hot parties for this year include Star Wars, Unicorns and Emojis.  Or if you would like to go for a more traditional theme, a Carnival based party is always a winner.  You can pick bright colours for decorations such as orange and yellow to really make the room pop.   Then you can organize fun games, like ring toss or fishing for a surprise with cool prizes anywhere from specialty candies to the latest gadgets that all kids love.  And last but not least, have a Candy Bar food station for all your guests to enjoy.  Nothing says party to a kid more than candy does.  You can even higher someone for face-painting and fake tattoos or a clown for making balloon animals.  The possibilities are endless so let your imagination run wild!

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  • Winter is certainly upon us but with these milder temperatures looming over us right now, you can’t help but think of your favourite summer past times, like a BBQ with family and friends.

    Backyard bbq’s can be so much fun.  They are one of the only gatherings that you don’t have to dress up for and you can actually relax and enjoy your guests.  As long as, you follow one simple rule:

    Make a TIMELINE and stick to it.  Think about how you would like the day to flow and plan accordingly.  A helpful tip is to work backwards from when you would like the party to end.


    Timeline Suggestion:

    11:00pm –       Any lingering guests leave or are gently herded to the door 🙂

    10:00pm –       Stop serving beverages outside of water.

    This will give your guests a heads up that the party is coming to an end.

    8:00pm- 10:00pm –      Socializing/Games

    7:00pm –         BBQ service is ready to begin.  Food is cooked.

    Have buffet tables set up for your guests to self-serve.

    6:00pm –         Light your bbq, so it is good and hot and then start cooking the food.

    Have warmers or tin trays to keep your food in once it is cooked.

    The number of guests you have invited will dictate how early  you  have to start cooking.

    Ideally, you want your guests to eat at approximately the same time.

    5:00pm –        Guests start to arrive.  Have some appetizers available for them until

    the main course is ready.

    4:00pm –         Food preparation is complete and you are ready to party!


    Don’t get caught up in all the fancy options of décor, food and beverage selection and burn yourself out before the party even begins.  Basic is best, at least for your first BBQ Party.


    A few extras to think about:

    1. Make sure you have a reliable BBQ with a side table for cooking utensils.
    2. Be sure to have some chairs and tables.  Not everyone will want to stand and eat.
    3. Prepare your neighbours.  If they are not coming to the party, at least let them know that you are hosting one and how many people will be there, as well as, what time it will end.

    Plan, Execute, Enjoy 🙂 !!!


  • April 7, 2016

    Games are what take any old barbecue event and turn them into something more. Yes, the laid back vibe is great and it totally matches the mood set by beautiful summer weather but a little competition never hurt anyone! Let’s put the “fun” into your summer functions!

    Whether you are giving out prizes or not, games add a new dynamic and get people interacting more. It adds to the experience that they are sharing and will later look back on.  There are so many games to choose from, some team oriented, others played by individuals or head to head competitions -which are great and easy to organize into a friendly tournament.

    We know you don’t have time to be searching all over the internet for a few games to run at your barbecue event so – we did it for you and are now presenting you with our top picks from around the  web!


    A classic lawn sport that has been around longer than BBQs and seems to have been all but forgotten! Think golf on a much smaller scale! Super easy to learn & not over exerting, whacking your way through a croquet course is a great way to enjoy an afternoon outdoors!

    Fast and easy to set-up, learn & play. Click the image to see how!

    Fast and easy to set-up, learn & play. Click the image to see how!


    Step into the new age of friendly outdoor competition! You want something a little more high energy? This game’s popularity has sky rocketed in recent years and is guaranteed to be seen in parks and on beaches everywhere this summer! Kan Jam is a frisbee based team game which requires a good dose of accuracy.

    Learn how to play and score this awesome game by clicking the image above!

    Learn how to play and score this awesome game by clicking the image above!


    Here is one we haven’t seen before! Frozen T-shirt Contest! This is a great idea if its calling for sun! Soak some t-shirts in water, put them in bags and stick them in the freezer the night before the barbecue. Keep cool until “go time” then comes the race to see who can defrost and pull on a frozen t-shirt first!

    This is a clever challenge that works perfect on a Summer's day outdoors!

    This is a clever challenge that works perfect on a Summer’s day outdoors!


    This one is sure to get everyone’s heart rate up! Watch Your Step is simple. Every guest has a balloon tied around one of their ankles. The last person with their balloon intact is declared the winner! You can either designate a playing time and have a winner quickly, or for a more dramatic finale allow guests to go about socializing and turn it into a longer strategy based game!

    Great game to bring out the competitors in your group!.

    Great game to bring out the competitors in your group!


    With just 4 colours of spray paint and one circular stencil you can turn any patch of grass into a Twister board. This might actually be better than the original game seeing as the board won’t shift or slip out from under you. Make the board a standard 6×4 spot surface and have multiple OR make one gigantic board so more people can play at once!

    An outdoor take on a classic survival game! The size of the board and number of colours is up to you!

    An outdoor take on a classic survival game! The size of the board and number of colours is up to you!

    Now, I know what you’re thinking what about the classics? What about them? We all know what they are and that’s because they are synonymous with summer parties and barbecues! The usual suspects like piñatas, water balloon fights, dunk tanks, ring toss, potato sack races and partnered egg toss are all still great ideas to bring some life to an outdoor function with kids present! Yes, that includes kids at heart too!


  • April 8, 2015

    BBQ Food MiltonBackyard BBQs, whether for a corporate or family event, are a summer staple. But what makes a BBQ go from good to great? At The Red BBQ Co., we can safely say that BBQ is our specialty. To bring your party to the next level, we’ve put together a list of must-have items:

    1. Great food

    Nothing ruins a BBQ more than using processed meats full of fillers and preservatives. When you use fresh, local meats, both you and your guests will be able to taste the difference, allowing everyone to enjoy the party without worrying what else is in their food.

    2. Plates and Cutlery

    One of the biggest challenges with BBQs is the waste that comes with using plastic plates and cutlery. Making the switch to recyclable or biodegradable plates and cutlery will help reduce waste while still providing your guests with plates and utensils that can stand up to BBQ.

    3. Tent

    Rain or shine, tents are a great addition to any backyard BBQ. Including a tent in your BBQ layout will protect guests and food from rain, or provide shelter from the strong afternoon sun.

    4. Food Carts

    BBQ is a great entree, but offering your guests different options for dessert is always welcomed. A fun way to serve dessert is through food carts. There are numerous food cart options, like popcorn machines, candy floss machine, Sno-Kone Machine, or an ice cream cart, that will give your BBQ a unique twist!

    5. Games

    Having games ready for guests to play will help keep everyone entertained between eating and socializing. Including both team games, like tug-o-war and volley ball, and individual games like a dunk tank will bring variety to the event, making it a BBQ to remember!

    If you’re ready to bring your corporate or family BBQ to the next level, give us a call. Our team is here to help you with all aspects of planning mentioned above, from equipment and rentals to menus and dishes.

  • Garden Party Tips MiltonWith the warm weather just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning your summer garden party. After a long winter indoors, hosting a garden party might seem like a daunting task, but by following this guide you can take the stress out of planning and focus on enjoying the day!

    1. Invitations

    Sending out the invitations is the first step to smooth party planning. By making sure that you give your guests enough time to RSVP will ensure that you have the appropriate amount of food and beverages available for the guests. Generally speaking, the invitations should be sent out three to six weeks in advance of your event to give your guests enough time to respond, and for you to finalize your planning.

    2. Decor

    The decor for your party goes beyond the colour scheme and other aesthetic elements. It’s important to make arrangements for tables, chairs, patio umbrellas and, if it is in your plans, a tent. For garden parties in particular, you will want to make sure that there is plenty of shaded space for your guests to sit, relax and eat. Often, your caterer is able to help organize these features so that you don’t have to deal with multiple rental companies. At Silver Thyme, in addition to catering, we offer furniture and tent rentals making us a one-stop service for all of your garden party needs.

    3. Food and Drinks

    The food and drinks you offer will vary depending on the theme of your party. At garden parties, it is common to serve a variety of smaller appetizers guests can choose from; fruit and vegetable platters, cocktail sandwiches, hot or cold hors d’oeuvres, and bite-sized desserts are all great options to discuss with your caterer. At Silver Thyme, we have a selection of menus at different price points to help you find an option that works best for you and your party. We are also happy to offer our customers a full-service bar option.

    4. Games

    During the party, you want to make sure that your guests have plenty of time to socialize freely, but having a few games organized is never a bad idea! Fun and easy games can provide additional entertainment and act as great icebreakers to introduce guests who do not know one another. Popular garden party games include classic lawn games like croquet, ring toss, and bocce.

    One of the biggest stresses of being a host is the last minute preparation that comes with any party. By working with a reliable caterer, like Silver Thyme, the majority of the party details can be planned ahead of time. That means on the day of the event, your focus can be on enjoying the beautiful garden party you’ve organized!