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  • Keeping it Green

    One plus here at Teatro Conference and Event Centre is our true commitment to environmental sustainability.

    Local Food and Drinks

    – Eating locally is an important way each of us can contribute to a more sustainable community and food shed. We try to source as much local produce and meats as possible.

    – Our house wine comes from Pillitteri winery in Niagara and we use local beers from Molson, Steam Whistle Brewery and Upper Canada Brewing Company.

    Waste and Recycling

    – Some people don’t know that composting is a service that venues must pay for out of their own pockets unlike your home service which is provided through your municipality. We think this is very important and we compost as much, if not all food and drink waste as possible.

    – We use all recyclable or compostable containers, plates & cutlery for out catered events. Compostable plates are a bit more expensive but much better for the environment.

    – We refrain from using products that do not breakdown well in landfill such as straws.

    – Tap water is used at in-house events as much as possible.


    – We provide hand sensor washing taps in the washrooms to reduce water consumption.

    – Many of the lights in our facility such as some hallways and all bathrooms are on motion censored lights which helps keep our energy consumption lower for a large facility.

    Tips for being green at home in Halton

    – First and foremost try to use your green and blue bin as much as you can and recycle and compost.

    – Visit/buy from your local farmers market –

    – Visit/buy from your local farms such as Springridge Farms, Chudleigh’s Aple Farm, Andrews Scenic Acres, Willis Family Fruit Farm and Stonehaven Farms.

    – Look at local programs with your town/Municipality and/or Conservation Authority to help reduce your water or energy consumption –

    – Unplug and use the wonderful green spaces in and around Milton and Halton Region.

    Just one more reason to book with us!  We hope to hear from you soon for your next booking! Call us at 1-800-536-8637.