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  • Having a handful of little ones at your reception? Here’s a great way to make sure your youngest guests have a blast at your wedding:

    Kid Fun

    Kid Friendly Party Favours!

    Colouring Books

    The parents of your guests will really appreciate this one. If you have a set of colouring books and crayons at the table, it will help for any gaps in meals during toasts, because let’s be honest, it isn’t quite their favourite part of the party.

    Kids Meals

    We know this one is standard, but if you’re having a lot of younger kids, make sure your venue accommodates for children. We sure do!


    We know you’ve noticed this before – but when it comes to dancing, usually the youngest are the ones that dance the most. We know you’re busy (it IS your wedding day, afterall) but taking the time to dance with your little guests would make them feel extremely special and make their evening.

    These are just the start of fun ways to accommodate younger kids at your reception. If you follow these guidelines (and some of your own) their parents and your guests will notice and appreciate it! It’ll make their experience at your wedding that much more memorable!

    How are you ensuring your smallest guests are having a ball?

    Happy planning!