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  • January 18, 2017

    If you are interested in having a big birthday party for your son or daughter, why not plan a party with a theme that incorporates the decorations, as well as, the food.

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    The trend we are seeing is that teens are planning their own birthday parties.  If mom & dad give them a budget to stay within, they are selecting their own menus, guest lists and taking on all the decorating responsibilities.  This seems to be a real win-win for both parent and teenager.  The teenager gets to plan their own party, invite who they want and the parent gets to just sign the cheque and avoid the headache of planning their teen’s party.  Turning 16 or 18 are still a pretty big deal in most kids’ eyes.  Some potential themes could be an Instagram Party  with a photo booth to capture all those great memories.  Maybe a Movie Theatre Birthday Party that includes a Candy Bar with all their favourites such as popcorn, gummies and chips to name a few.  Or why not go for an Amazing Race Party.  Your guests could visit different parts of the world through your selection of music and food.  Include a Pizza Square Bar for your tour of Italy or a Nacho Bar for the tastes of Mexico.

    For the younger kids, the hot parties for this year include Star Wars, Unicorns and Emojis.  Or if you would like to go for a more traditional theme, a Carnival based party is always a winner.  You can pick bright colours for decorations such as orange and yellow to really make the room pop.   Then you can organize fun games, like ring toss or fishing for a surprise with cool prizes anywhere from specialty candies to the latest gadgets that all kids love.  And last but not least, have a Candy Bar food station for all your guests to enjoy.  Nothing says party to a kid more than candy does.  You can even higher someone for face-painting and fake tattoos or a clown for making balloon animals.  The possibilities are endless so let your imagination run wild!

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