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  • October 7, 2015
    Party Planning

    How to plan your party

    As early as it seems, there is no denying that the holiday season is fast approaching. Before you know it the responsibility of planning an event is sitting on your lap and you have no idea where to start. Take a deep breath, I will do what I can to help as you embark on the journey that is event planning! I can cover all the avenues for you but here are a few things to consider when planning your next event, social or corporate, for a large group.

    Don’t Hesitate
    This can make the difference between having a nice venue and eating cake in your office. With the Holiday Season upon us it is becoming more and more likely that the date you are thinking of is the same as someone else. Don’t wait for things to fall into place, put them in place and be proactive. Allow yourself some flexibility and instead of setting your heart on one specific date, give yourself at least one back up date. This is a good way to prevent unnecessary worry and makes the first and one of the most difficult decisions a little bit easier.

    Know Your Crowd
    You don’t just want people to show up; you want people to enjoy themselves. Music, food and decor, are all key components to your guests having a good time. Do some research so you can make a more educated decision and really limit the number of people you let down. Ask about previous parties your group has been to or hosted and get feedback to help save time when checking your list of Do’s and Don’ts. When it comes time to finding the right DJ/entertainment as well as getting the room to look great, most venues have a list of preferred vendors in the industry. They may also provide some insight into alternative and unique possibilities. Make it an event to remember, not one that is easy to forget.

    If You Feed Them, They Will Come
    Select a menu appropriate for your attendance, crowd and event. Cultural & dietary tastes should be considered when selecting a menu With such a multicultural society there is a good chance your group may have preferences. Narrow it down from Italian, Indian, Mediterranean, Asian and North American cuisines, or mix some menus together, your guests will appreciate the effort. Work with your caterer to ensure that any health concerns or dietary restrictions are managed prior to the date of service.

    Raise Your Glasses
    A toast will have the undivided attention of everyone. A few kind words with a drink in hand, from you to them, are a classy start to any event. That in mind, bar packages are available to suit whatever you feel is called for. A full host bar is always appreciated but may not fit your budget. In that case there is the option of providing your guests with one or two complimentary drink tickets to be used at the cash bar. Not everyone drinks alcohol and so you must always be sure to offer a selection of non-alcoholic beverages as well. Giving a toast lets everyone take a moment to recognize all those who came out and celebrate the fun of coming together. Who knows maybe you get a shout out for all the hard work you put into organizing the whole thing.
    *Friendly Tip* In a large space a microphone may be required so be sure to have one handy.

    Don’t Go It Alone
    Not everyone is a professional party planner. It can feel like a lot of pressure deciding on where and when to have a party/event, what everyone is going to eat, how are you going to stick to the budget? On top of that, tracking down several companies for various services is a nightmare for anyone. If you can find a caterer or event centre that can relieve this stress for you, by all means take them up on it. Just be sure to regularly keep in touch and stay informed and at the end of it all, you’ll have the experience for your next event and in the meantime you can bask in the praise of throwing a great party!