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  • September 14, 2016

    Days can  become monotonous and at Silver Thyme, we know menus can become monotonous as well.  So, we thought it was time to switch it up a bit and put a few new menus out there for our catering customers.
    We thought you might like some new chicken dishes, because really, who doesn’t like chicken.  Sorry, to all you vegetarians out there but we can prepare something special for you too.
    Here is just a hint of Some of our new Fall line-ups.  All of which are made very differently but all taste exceptionally well.

    New Menu Items

    New Menu Items

    Greek Chicken. With a breast of chicken marinated in our house made Greek sauce (think souvlaki but a whole breast)with your choice of oven roasted potatoes or rice, Tzatkiki and Greek salad with a fresh oven baked roll.  Nothing is complete until you have that sweet; so Freshly Baked Cookies to satisfy your craving.
    Chicken Korma.  Indian food is a hot item right now and why not.  Our chefs have been trained in the culinary art of preparing traditional Indian food and have been making it for years.   The basic package includes Basmati Rice but if you would like to make it a deluxe package, it also includes a Crudite Platter (made up of carrots, cucumber, tomatoes and red onions), the ever-loved Naan bread and Freshly Baked Cookies to curb that sweet craving.
    Spanish Chicken.  Consists of kidney and black beans, tomatoes and chorizo.  It will be accompanied by Jewelled Rice, Tossed Garden Salad with a choice of Dressing, Freshly Baked Dinner Rolls and Cookies.
    Lemon Thyme Chicken .  The basic package includes a wonderful Couscous Salad.  Again, if you would like to make it a deluxe package, you can add a Crudite or Cheese Platter along with Freshly Baked Cookies.
    So when you’re placing your next order, please consider trying one of our new menu items.  We’d love to hear your feedback.

  • September 8, 2016

    Just because summer is almost over (you would never know with the temperature so high), it does not mean that BBQ’S have to come to an end too.  The Red BBQ Co. is going to try and Light Your Fire right through to Christmas this year.  In order to do that, we are adding a Holiday BBQ Menu to our already varied selection.

    How does a Turkey Burger with some Cranberry Chutney or Caramelized Onions sound?  My mouth is starting to water already.  Our salad selection will now also include your choice of Festive Coleslaw or Warm Potato Salad on the side.

    Bread Dumplings (German)


    If you prefer a more traditional bbq fare, then you can select our new Herb & Garlic Chicken Breast.  This menu comes with your choice of our previously mentioned new salads or you can stick with one of your tried but true favourites on our regular menu.  As well, you can have your choice of Sage Dressing or German Bread Dumplings (Semmelknoedel) with chicken gravy on the side. You may even choose to opt for the Warm Potato Salad instead.  All options come with our delightful cranberry sauce to keep the festive feeling going.

    Or if you prefer a completely different option, why not try our Tandoori Chicken.  Who said you need a tandoor oven to cook Tandoori Chicken?  Well, we have figured it out and it is a winner.  On this new bbq menu option we will provide you with Rice Pilaf (Indian Style – basmati with peas), Tossed Salad, as well as, warm Naan Bread and a tasty home-grown Mint Chutney.

    It all sounds so good.  It will be very difficult to make a final selection.  These menus will be available for Thanksgiving through to Christmas.  Maybe, you’ll have to book two bbq’s to try all of the new menu options.  Just a thought.

  • It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving Dinner is just around the corner.  It’s true, the heat is just not getting to my head.  Labour Day Weekend is now over, so, you will have to start thinking about ordering your fresh turkey from the butcher’s, picking a frozen one up at your local grocery store or even ordering one from a caterer.

    TURKEY.  Love to eat it but don’t love to cook it!  When will they invent the technique to cook large turkeys in under 2 hours.  I am so tired of having bags under my eyes the whole day from getting up so early to prep and start cooking this beloved bird.

    That’s where Silver Thyme Events and Catering comes in.  We are offering our,
    Traditional Roast Turkey Meal which includes:

    Roast Ontario Turkey with a bacon water chestnut fennel stuffing, turkey au jus gravy and cranberry sauce
    Oven Baked Scalloped Potatoes
    Medley of Green Beans with lemon thyme butter
    Tossed Garden Salad with house dressing
    Fresh Baked Dinner Rolls and Butter
    Miniature Assorted Finger Desserts
    Eco-friendly Paper Plates, Cutlery, Serving Utensils and Paper Napkins
    All for $ 19.50 p.p. + taxes and delivery. (minimum 10 people)

    Its turkey time again!

    Its turkey time again!

     I don’t know about you but if that means all I have to do is put a few decorations on my dining table, pour some wine and open the lids to a few chafers, I’m all in.

    Here is your new word for the day – Chafing dish – an apparatus consisting of a metal dish with a heating appliance beneath it, keeping it hot at the buffet table

    These are really an incredible invention because you know when you take dinner out of the oven, if you don’t start eating it within the next 10 minutes, everything will be luke-warm.  Chafers allow the food to stay hot for at least 2 hours.  So, when your guests want to go up for seconds, they are guaranteed to have hot food waiting there for them.

    I am going to place my own order shortly.  No, really, I am and you should too.


  • BeachParty


    Of all the great things Canadians are known to be proud of, our music is right at the top of the list! Summer is here and you’ll soon find yourself soaking up the sun on a deck, patio, dock or beach. So here, in no particular order, are our Top Ten Classic Canadian Summer Songs you should probably work into your Canada Day Playlist!

    Top 10 Classic Canadian Summer Songs

    Kim Mitchell (1984) – Go For a Soda

    Bachman Turner Overdrive (1990)Takin Care of Business

    Tom Cochrane (1991)Life Is A Highway

    The Tragically Hip (1989)New Orleans Is Sinking

    Steppenwolf (1968)Born To Be Wild

    Bryan Adams (1984)Summer Of ’69

    Great Big Sea (1997)End Of the World

    The Guess Who (1970)American Woman

    RUSH (1981)Tom Sawyer

    Neil Young (1989)Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World

    There you have it, 10 Canadian Classics that are sure to keep your summer nights rockin’ till the fire goes out! Enjoy the beautiful weather, enjoy this beautiful country, enjoy the company of friends and family and while you’re at it enjoy some timeless Canadian tunes!



  • May 19, 2016

    The Deliciously Deceitful Drink

    A drink that is known to many as being somewhat cheesy and unappealing, a Long Island Iced Tea is actually an incredibly refreshing cocktail when made correctly. The most common misconception is that the recipe calls for iced tea. The flavor this cocktail creates is one similar to that of a sweet iced tea but you won’t find it on the ingredients list. It is because of this, I write a post which includes a recipe for a Classic Long Island Iced Tea.










    .5oz White Rum .5oz Light Tequila
    .5oz Gin .5oz Vodka
    .5oz Orange Liquer 1oz Fresh Lemon Juice
    1 Lemon Wedges Lots of Ice
    2oz Cola

    Mixing Steps
    1.In a glass, begin your mix with your spirit components; Rum, Tequila, Gin & Vodka
    2.Add orange liquer and fresh lemon juice
    3.Fill glass with ice, more ice = cooler drink
    4.Shake in Cocktail Shaker for 6 seconds
    5.A Sling Glass is preferred; any tall slender glass works well
    6.Fill glass with ice
    7.Pour cola into glass to taste
    *Insert spoon into glass so that it barely touches the cola
    *Use spoon as deflector to slowly add mix above cola level
    8.Garnish with Lemon Wedge
    9.Serve with stra

    If you’re a visual learner, check out this video from Jamie Oliver’s Drink Tube channel.


    Now you know what goes into that cheesy drink your girlfriend just ordered. I’ll bet if you ever have one made properly, you’ll be ordering them too!


  • BrunchPost

    Not breakfast, not lunch but rather somewhere in between.

    Is it based on the when or what is being served?

    Ask anyone what they consider to be brunch and you will always get a relatively vague but confident answer that will include terms like “in and around” or “more or less”. It is a mysteriously appetizing suggestion that is always taken into consideration when proposed. I’ve  noticed there is one day a year that seems to be directly linked to a huge spike in family organized brunches – Mother’s Day.

    Now, I have never given it much thought but once I did, I quickly realized why brunch will forever be the “Mother’s Day Meal”. There are several reasons from what I can tell, so if you have ever wondered, or if I’ve just piqued your interest, here are some of the things I’ve noticed over the years and how they’ve influenced the idea of Mother’s Day Brunch.

    First and foremost is the day of the week Mother’s Day is on, Sunday. This is widely viewed as a day of rest and relaxation, though it may not always feel that way. Since we were young, weekends have been the glory of the calendar. Now, it’s no secret that Friday and Saturday tend to steal Sunday’s thunder with their night life and lack of responsibility required the following morning, but Sunday has always been great in a different kind of way. With regards to Mother’s Day, everyone is available and it doesn’t take away from the prime socializing hours of Friday & Saturday. Plus everyone else will be doing Mother’s Day stuff anyway so it’s really a win-win.

    Now that we see Sunday makes everyone available to attend, let’s look at the timing of a brunch and see how that provides the best opportunity for families to get together. So, when is brunch? Nobody really knows the answer to that. To be safe and cover any potential time frames suggested, I will say it falls between 10:00am & 1:00pm. Breakfast would be too early for most people to function in this kind of situation. On Mother’s Day we want to portray the best representation of ourselves to reassure them they’ve raised us right and that we love them very much. Plus- it takes off the pressure of having to get up so early on a Sunday!

    Breakfast is too early and lunch can throw off an entire day, leave you wondering what to do with your last few hours. By the time dinner rolls around you’re going to want to fall asleep shortly after but you can’t because you’ve still gotta get home. In short, the timing of brunch is the most forgiving and understanding of all the meals, and provides a setting in which your family can be in its best form while all together. Much like our mothers have done for us all along.

    A meal isn’t a meal until there is food served, so let’s talk about the diversity a brunch brings to the table. The possibilities at a brunch are endless. If you’re like me and enjoy a nice big breakfast, go ahead and order your bacon and eggs with some toast and jam. Of course, at this time of day most places have also made their soups, salads, sandwiches and other hearty lunch options available as well. So there is no need to worry that someone won’t be able to find something they’ll enjoy.

    Once again everyone wins. Everyone maintains their positivity towards the day and Mom is left feeling appreciated and thankful for having such a wonderful family to share this life with. Just remember to pick up the bill before she even thinks of reaching for her handbag. Also, if you didn’t know, the first one to offer to pay is her favourite for the day and probably will be until next time around, so be quick.

    At the end of all this I realize that it doesn’t truly matter at what time of day or menu you have to order from. It’s the idea of coming together and showing our appreciation for who, to each of us, is often the most incredible human being we have ever met. All the breakfasts, brunches, lunches, dinners and midnight snacks would not even begin to measure up to the love and care most of us received from that person.

    On that note, I would like to thank all the mothers in the world, without you, nothing would be possible.

    Enjoy your meals everyone!